Classic Contemporary Home:

Art and Culture Interior designer Peter Staunton refurbishes Warwickshire’s country house to host a glamorous and timeless appeal in what he calls the “rock ‘n’ roll chic” style! The Harbury country house is a timeless amalgamation of various classic styles, fusing Eastern and Western culture. The high-end, sprawling 10,500 sq. ft. home that called for a complete renovation of the dining room, living room, and music lounge effortlessly coalesce various classic style periods, viz., Art Deco, Victorian, and Rococo, in its remodelled avatar that is surprisingly contemporary in its makeup.

The Designer’s Inspiration:

Cashing in on the inhabitant family’s preference for period styles and their great love for music, Peter chisels each room to have a distinctive identity, yet establishes a smooth flow from one interior space to another, blending varied elements from different historical eras with the nuanced flair of a connoisseur and the flourish of a glamour diva! The designer’s inspiration, which comes largely from the fashion industry, works with whorled patterns, flowered prints, and high-quality natural materials such as silk, wool, leather, wood in various finishes, metals such as silver, bronze, and copper, and so on, to effect a captivating finish.

Art Deco Furniture:

Employing a distinctive palette for each room-silver and black in the Art Deco-inspired dining room; dark hues anoint the Japanese/Asian-inspired TV room, and the off-white music garden room is inspired by no less than John Lennon. The interiors are underlined by a keen penchant for details. Lighting is key to complementing the auras and creating individual moods. Here, it ranges from statement chandeliers (from Italy), to floor and side lighting (hand-made in England), to energy-saving recessed spotlighting.

Code of sustainability:

Incidentally, bespoke fittings and furnishings are an integral part of this remodelling exercise as the home was constructed to an extremely high specification to meet the Code of Sustainability; it also won the UK LABC award for building excellence. It operates on a very low carbon footprint with geothermal underfloor heating and high-quality thermal insulation, plus a unique system for recycled water usage and many other energy-saving features…, which categorically meant that the designer had to ensure that he kept true to the sustainable history of the property.

Multifunctional lavish homes:

Every space in the lavish home is multifunctional – each room is designed to easily double up for an alternate activity; whether it is entertaining, watching a movie together, family time on Sundays watching sports, or family meals. The interiors transcend time to ensure that this home will stand the test of continuing changes within the design world.

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