Variety of Rugs: Choose the most suitable one

There are variety of rugs available at different furniture stores. Being made of different materials, every rug possesses unique features and qualities. Go through the article to know the most suitable one for your choices. There are various furnishing items available in the market, and rugs are one of them. This beautiful home decor item can be easily availed from any store for furniture in Toronto. However, with the availability of a number of options, getting bewildered is a common reaction of many when out to buy any of these available options. Thus it is essential to know the specifications and features of different rugs prior to making a choice. Following are brief descriptions of different rugs

Silk Rugs:

If you are looking for a luxurious item to décor your home floors then considering silk rugs is a wonderful idea. Being made of silk, these furnishing items are quite expensive; still they are not as tough and durable as other rugs . However, due to the main features of silk – light texture and tenderness, you get elaborated designs and patterns over carpet. Besides, this category is also considered very versatile as it can be conveniently blended with different rug materials. Creativity and uniqueness depicted through the designs of silk rugs is one of the main reasons for people selecting it.

Sisal Rugs:

The name of this carpet is originated from the material it is made of – Sisal fiber, which can only be availed from a specific cactus plant. Being made from natural material, this item provide eco-friendly atmosphere to your room. The product offer great flexibility and long lasting life thus could be best for the areas receiving maximum foot traffic in your domicile. Moreover this item doesn’t attract dust and debris as well as it is highly stain resistant thus you do not need to spend much time cleaning it. But this item is not good for the sections like kitchen and bathroom as it cannot conceals water stains, running the look and aura of rug.

Wool Rugs:

Astounding look, softness, versatile, durability, warmth, and value are some of the highly acclaimed features of these rugs. That is why; this type of carpet is often liked by people when they want to add class and warmth to their adobe. This item can be made of 100% natural wool, solely synthetic wool or sometimes with more than one material. But only natural wool made carpets are the safest one as they do not release any harmful toxin as considered for the synthetic ones.

Thea Hand Hooked Wool Rug

Shag Rugs:

With the fluffy and tender look, this carpet provides a romantic and cozy ambience to your room thus is more preferred for bedrooms and living rooms. This type of rug is available with different materials – both in synthetic like nylon and natural like linen. These are some of the main categories of rugs which if complemented with other furnishing items like lamps Toronto can give a fascinating look to your room.

Grey chester shag rug

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