The Complete Guide to Serving Trays and How to Make the Most of Your Restaurant

If you’re looking to start a successful restaurant, you need to know about the different types of food that we can serve. Whether you’re looking to serve up a simple meal such as chicken or fish, or you want to offer a more complex dish, you need to know about serving Trays. Trays are small, typically unpretentious Dishes That Are usually found at most restaurants. They come in various shapes and sizes, and they can be dressed up or Down.

What is a serving tray?

A serving Tray is a small, typically unpretentious dish usually found at most restaurants. They come in various shapes and sizes, and they can be dressed up or down.

How Do You Find the Most Suitable Trays for Serving?

While purchasing serving trays, keep the following considerations in mind as you make your selection: size, shape, and material.

The use of the tray: Some trays are particularly designed for the purpose of serving food and beverages.

Some trays are particularly designed for the purpose of serving food and beverages. Some multipurpose trays, on the other hand, can be used to display jewelry, store remote controls, keys, and paperwork, and organize toiletries and cosmetics among other things.

Some serving trays have a reverse side that may be used as a cutting board, which is convenient if you need to cut something quickly (especially the wooden trays).


The serving tray should be long-lasting, lightweight, environmentally friendly, devoid of dangerous chemicals, and free of BPAs (in the case of plastic serving trays). Trays should be spill-proof, stain-resistant, and anti-slip textured in order to prevent any slippage while transporting food and drinks.


In a perfect scenario, the handles of serving trays would be large enough to provide a more secure and convenient hold. In addition to metallic handles, many serving trays are available


In order to get the most out of your purchase, it is a good idea to check if the tray can be used in the microwave and oven. If you have a large family or frequently host parties, you may want to consider purchasing serving trays that come in a set of three to five pieces.

Ease of cleaning:

Cleaning is a breeze because the majority of the serving trays can be easily hand washed or wiped down with a wet cloth. A couple of the products can also be washed in the dishwasher (usually top rack).

When you choose the correct type of serving tray, transporting food items from one room to another becomes simple and hassle-free. Some of the serving trays are reasonably priced, while others may be a little out of reach for some people’s budgets. What you purchase, on the other hand, is entirely dependent on your personal choices. Choose a tray that will best satisfy your needs for an extended period of time.

10 best serving trays of 2022:

The best serving trays can make a significant difference in the overall look and feel of your parties or even regular get-togethers. You can organize and carry any food item with these trays, which come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. You can organize and carry anything from side dishes, fruits, cookies, to appetizers and beverages. There are many different types of materials used to make the serving trays, such as ceramic, glass, BPA-free plastic, and even fiber. You can purchase them as a set in a variety of sizes or as a single piece depending on your requirements. These are long-lasting, simple to clean (either by hand or in the dishwasher), and lightweight. For those looking for a tray that is both elegant and impressive, we have provided a list of some popular serving trays from which to choose depending on your requirements.

1. BEEXOME decorative serving tray from amazon:

If you enjoy serving on wooden or decorative serving trays, this product from BEEXOME is well worth your time and consideration. The high-quality serving tray can be used to serve wine or beverages, dinner, lunch, breakfast, and a variety of other food items and snacks in a convenient and organized manner.

The rectangular serving tray measures approximately 16inches in length by 11 inches in width by 2 inches in height (height). Periodically brush the tray with compound polish to keep it in better condition and prevent rusting. The damp towel can be used to clean the tray effectively.


Contains wide integrated handles for easy grip.

A large size is enough to carry multiple things easily.

Beautifully designed in three different colors with the embellishment of gold trim.

2. Large Decorative Serving Tray for Coffee Table:

Traditional Blue Moroccan Tiles Buy from

This stylish lacquered rectangular wood serving tray for the coffee table serves as a decorative coffee table tray decor, a coffee table tray centerpiece, or a wooden ottoman tray for your living room. Made of MDF with a high gloss finish and cut-out handles. Just another example of the luxuriousness brought to you by Willow and Moore – Designed in Australia!

3. Amazon Brand – Rivet Contemporary Decorative Round Metal Serving Tray with Handles, 17.5-Inch, Black and Gold

Edgy and modern, these trays are sturdy and ready to be used for serving at your next party. They can also be used as storage—to hold utensils in a kitchen or cosmetics on a bathroom counter. Even empty, they exude smart industrial style.

4. Brighton Living Ombre Wooden Serving Tray for Ottoman Coffee Table Breakfast in Bed Tea Accessory Organizer

Buy from

This masterfully hand-brushed ombré tray is a perfect topper on any coffee table, ottoman, entrance console, great for serving food and drinks, organizing accessories, framing, and displaying beloved keepsakes. A unique gift your recipient would be proud to display!

5. Large serving tray with handles – 20”x14’’ large rustic wooden serving tray, Serving tray, Wooden ottoman tray

Buy from

A rustic handcrafted tray is made using high-quality pine wood with sturdy handles. The wooden tray is painted with oil paint and the finishing of the wood surface is done using varnish coating to create a waterproof barrier and protect the paint from chipping. Coasters are made of beech wood.

6. Shinowa Decorative Tray, 39X25 cm Faux Leather Serving Tray with Golden Metal Handles for Coffee Table, Ottoman, Party, Marble White

Buy from

The ottoman tray is made of unique high-quality leather with a marble print. This richly textured, synthetic material is spot resistant, easy to clean, and durable enough for daily use

7. Serving Trays with Handles – Wood Bamboo Trays for Eating Tea Coffee Table Ottoman Decorative,Set of 3 (Walnut)

Buy from

These trays are all made of bamboo, which is known as a kind of renewable material, eco-friendly and durable; adds a natural touch to your home. (Bambloom store)

8. KEVLANG Glossy White Sturdy Acrylic Serving Tray with Handles-10x10Inch-Serving Coffee,Appetizer,Breakfast,Butler-Kitchen Countertop-Makeup Drawer Organizer-Vanity Table,Ottoman Tray-Decorative Tray

Buy from

Modern and Eye-catching Appearance. Smooth edge design for safer use. Spill-proof design to save your home from the mess. Made of sturdy glossy white acrylic for years of use, will be an elegant accent in your home.

9. Peohud 2 Pack Black Metal Serving Tray, Decorative Coffee Table Tray with Handles, Vanity Platter Breakfast Tray for Eating, Storing, Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom, 15 x 9 / 12 x 8 Inches

Buy from

The proud serving tray is made of spray painting and thickening wrought iron body which is durable, anti-rust, waterproof, corrosion-proof, long-term use, and no need to install.

10. Acacia Wood Serving Tray with Handles (17 Inches) – Decorative Serving Trays Platter for Breakfast in Bed, Lunch, Dinner, Appetizers, Patio, Ottoman, Coffee Table, BBQ, Party –Great for Lap &Couch.

Buy from

Crafted from premium quality and durable acacia wood, our kitchen serving tray is stronger, sturdier, and suitable for everyday heavy-duty use in the kitchen and commercial environments. Probably the last serving tray you will ever buy! By ZESPROKA.

When you choose the right type of serving tray, transporting food items from one space to another has become easy and hassle-free. Some of the serving trays are reasonably priced, while others may be a little out of reach for some people’s budgets. What you purchase, on the other hand, is entirely dependent on your personal preferences. Choose a tray that will best serve your needs for a long period of time.

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