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Importance of handmade wooden serving tray

Wooden Serving trays:

Serving trays have a variety of alloys. It is mostly made up of plastic and wooden materials. But, health-conscious people do care about it and are habitual about the use of organic materials. such as clay, fibreglass, stainless steel, organic bamboo wood, marble, glass, ceramic, sugarcane wood, copper, and brass. The organic material always remained human friendly. These serving trays are being used for multiple purposes, like; serving coffee, fruits, juices, drinks, soup, keeping vegetables, serving tea, utensils, and food. These serving trays are best for getting a stable and large platform for quickly and safely carrying everything, including wine glasses and lunches. These trays are available in different shapes, such as long, flat, round, and rectangle. The shape is considered much for their serving feature.

Colour of wood:

Wood has different colors such as light brown, dark brown, luxury gold, and black. Due to the source of wood, these trays have different weights, and the shapes are determined by the type of wood. As some wood from specific trees cannot be shaped as per our requirements, the cutting board can be drawn from the stem. As the wood of walnut has many ridges and has the quality to provide divisions in a tray shape. We can use these types of wooden trays to put different things on display and distinguish them. Royal families mostly use organic materialized utensils, and wooden trays are one of the most common items on the dining table. In many advanced countries, people are moving towards organic food and the items of catering. Now it is becoming a fashion to serve guests with wooden utensils. This trend has been promoted since people came to know that plastic material is cancer-causing and if it is not BPA free, it causes a reduction of male sperm count egg production in females. This is the reason that in developed countries, BPA-free material is being monitored. Engineered wood and organic wood have different features. We have to be careful when we are about to purchase any wooden utensil. First we need to confirm the material that should be organic.  

Wooden Serving tray:

For hundreds of years, in China and Turkey people use wooden utensils, mostly made up of bamboo wood. While in England like Royal Albert has designed the wooden trays for traditional feel.These organic wooden serving trays made up of hard wood of mango, cherry, bamboo, walnut and teak with high quality finishing are perfect for their use in your home in bathroom, dining room, bedroom, for décor anywhere in the home such as; TV lounge and garden because they give natural touch to your interior. It has three qualities as handmade, machine made and antique. Its use depends on your own choice. 


    • Available in every size you want.
    • Four kind of wood.
    • For all the purposes which distinguish them with one another.
    • Available for single item serving as well as breakfast serving with numerous items.
    • Available in walnut wood, cherry wood, bamboo wood and teak.
    • Lipped and flat wood.
    • Styles dictate for its usage.
    • Self-serving variety for buffet as well as coffee table
    • Natural finishes with original wooden line.
    • Available as newly made, antique and vintage.
    • Newly made and vintage are economic and pocket friendly.
    • Perfect for day to day usage.
    • Newly made wooden trays are more reliable and more functional.
    • Available as handmade and machine made.
    • Machine made are cheaper to buy.
    • Handmade wooden trays are often unique.
    • Wooden trays are made up on the desire of exact customers need.
    • Finishing material used for wooden trays is earth friendly.
    • Decorative and natural look closed to your soul.
    • Best to texture your interior home space.
    • Flip trays are versatile for its use as; cutting tray, serving and decoration.
    • Light wood tray inside design gives you a modern and clean look.
    • Long wood tray is also a versatile item due to its usage as; cutting tray, serving and decoration.
    • Fancy and sturdy look, well made and comparatively more economic.
    • Very easy to clean with a wet cloth or wipe, with built in handles and light weight.
    • Pure wooden tray with solid grip in all sizes you want.


    • Very economic and pocket friendly
    • Easy to clean with a wet cloth or wipe.
    • Durable for many decades.
    • Earth friendly.
    • Human friendly.
    • Made up of organic material, keep you healthy as you wish.
    • Appealing to guests for good compliments.
    • Serving in organized manner. 
    • You can handle number of items in less time.
    • Edges of wooden tray reduce the fear about things kept in being knocked off.
    • Slightly raised edges allow you to put it in any environment.
    • Safe for things to transfer from kitchen to dining table in regards of item’s temperature.
    • Temperature absorber.
    • Gives a traditional look and feel.


  • Breakable in case of miss handling.


Wooden trays were always appealing to be purchase because of its human friendly feature and its tendency of feeling traditional. for it, hardwood is used and commonly it is taken from soft maple, black walnut, cherry, poplar, mesquite, Osage orange and mango. These are versatile in every moment of life by their serving features. These can be used for all serving purposes from tea to dinner serving.  These are very affordable as compare to other alloy trays. Their cost effective feature with high quality organic material became handy. This is highly recommended to purchase it and feel naturals for a life span.  One noticeable feature of the wooden tray is; we need not to be worried about any chemical reaction or acidic reaction of food or fruit served in it because of any temperature. The one bad thing in wooden tray is to  be cleaned very carefully otherwise it could be a breeding ground for bacteria. As we need to wash the wooden spoons and bowls with hot water and soup, these tray do not need to be washed as much as the other wooden utensils. The most demanding wooden tray is bamboo tray because it do not stain problem and smell.

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