decorative serving trays for ottoman

How to make a decorative serving tray?

The types of wood used to make a serving tray.

Wooden serving trays are made up of different types of wood. Tea trays are often made from hardwoods like walnut and cherry. But there is an alternate: we can also use engineered wood, a mixture of several pieces of real wood, scrap wood, shredded fibres of wood or sawdust with adhesive to create sheets that look like wood but are designed to be stronger and more durable. The most commonly engineered wood is plywood.

Is engineered wood durable?

Good quality engineered wood is durable and long-lasting. Most good-quality plied sheets have a smooth surface without any knots. They are made with wood fibres and scrap wood pieces to make them strong and durable. Due to their smooth surface, they can easily be painted and polished.

The difference between real wood and engineered wood:

As the name suggests, real hardwood planks are created from a single real wood piece, while engineered wood is also made up of real wood but has a layer of plywood at the top to make it stronger.

How to make a serving tray out of wood step-by-step:

  1. Cut Base Panel First. I cut base panels out of 1×9 boards.
  2. Cut 4 top strips, each with a maximum width of 2 inches, and for length, 2 strips of 16 inches and 2 of 12 inches.
  3. Stain boards.
  4. Make pocket holes on short lengths of strips to create handles, wide enough to carry easily.
  5. Build a tray base and attach the sides with a suitable solution that can strongly fix the pieces.
  6. Apply the finish of your choice. If you want to give it a matte finish, you can only use paint, and if you want to give it a gloss finish, you can also apply lacquer.

How to decorate a serving tray?

What do you put on decorative serving trays?

Flowers, candles, perfumes, photos, and lights are just some of the things you can put on your decorative tray to organize your d├ęcor accents as well as to look good.

Eight ways to style wooden decorative serving trays:

  1. Serve breakfast with some beautiful serving plates and fresh flowers.
  2. Serve coffee with an interesting novel on a beautiful wooden serving tray.
  3. Serve fresh salads with some colorful nuts to make the diet appealing to eat.
  4. Put the massaging oils on a beautiful wooden tray with a small towel to give a modern touch to your spa center.
  5. Use your decorative wooden tray as a tea canister.
  6. Decorate your ottoman table with a decorative tray as a centrepiece.
  7. Use a decorative wooden tray to decorate your balcony with fresh flower pots.
  8. Put family photos with some candles on a decorative tray to look good in your living room.

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