Decorative Trays: How To Style Your Table With Unique Design Elements

The coffee table decorative tray should be used for more than just serving pizza on Friday nights or storing all of the remote controls. It should be used to dress up the sofa, which is the largest focal point of any living space. Instead, it should exude the same level of style and presence as the rest of your home’s furnishings. Add a tray to keep the chaos at bay, and you’ve got yourself the perfect foundation for styling and organizing your space!

Alternative ways to use decorative trays:

You’ve probably seen trays at restaurants or on the side of the road. But what do they really mean? A tray is a small, decorative dish used to hold food or drinks. There are many different designs and colours available, so it’s important to find one that matches your table décor. Here are some tips on how to style your table with unique design elements:

1 When adding colour to your trays, focus on natural materials like fruit or vegetables. This will add interest and flavour to your food and drink.

2. Use whimsy: Try using fun typography and details like musical notes or moving pieces to add personality and interest to your trays.

3. Use accessories: Add some extra elements like chandeliers, crystals, ornaments, or even leaves for an extra touch of elegance and life in your table setting.

4. Experiment: If you have a few different colours and designs in mind, try mixing them together to get a unique look for your table.

Different types of decorative trays:

There are many different types of decorative trays that you can use to style your table. Here are some examples:

There are many different types of decorative trays that you can use to style your table. Here are some examples:

-Gold and white trays: These trays are typically used for light colours and white dishes, such as cocktails or tea.

-Green and silver trays: These trays are typically used for green and silver items, such as fruit or salads.

Gold and black trays: These trays are usually used for dark and colourful items, such as sushi or macaroni and cheese.

-Red and green trays: These trays are typically used for red and green items, such as pizza or pasta.

-Gold and brass trays: These trays are typically used for gold and brass items, such as jewelry ornaments.

How to decorate coffee table:

When decorating a coffee table, it all comes down to how easy you can replicate the look and results of the style you have in your head. In this post, I’m going to share some savvy tips on how to do it as seamlessly as the pros! All you need are a few items and these tips!

To make a fabulous coffee table, you need 5 common elements. These are interesting accessories, beautiful designs, and creative ideas! When you start to collect these 5 pieces of decor along with your favourite coffee table accessories, you will have the perfect place to put all of your photos and everyday objects!

1.Tray sets are one of the best coffee table accessories you can collect. They make great conversation starters, and they’re a great way to add style and comfort to any room.

A tray works like magic to corral all the other accessories you will put on your coffee table! And it gives the things you will put on your table some boundaries.
Trays are usually inexpensive and having a few different types of trays will give you lots of variety when you style a coffee table!

To decorate a coffee table like a pro, start by using some common elements. This post contains affiliate links. You can use these to purchase different items that will help make your coffee table look spiffy! I used to feel so out of my element when I tried to style a coffee table! It never looked like the fuzzy, but beautiful image of the styled coffee table I had in my mind! I’m all about finding easy ways to reproduce something over and over again. My mantra in so many areas of my life is DON’T RECREATE THE WHEEL! So instead, try reproducing simple things- like this Coffee Table Tray filled with pretty summer elements (pictured above). So you can put your favourite pieces right at your fingertips- without having to go through all the trouble of designing it yourself (plus sometimes it’s just easier not to bother!). Plus, if you’re feeling creative liberated this way, there are endless possibilities for adding candle holders or organics on top too – let’s be real; everyone has their own personal style quirks we love the magical metallic bowl.

How to use books to decorate coffee table:

Add books to your list of coffee table accessories! Not only will this add functionality (to hold books while you watch TV or read), but it can also be a beautiful way to display small pieces of art. Not only do these additions look pretty on a coffee table, but they can act as an event center for gatherings!

Here are 5 simple tips to make adding books to your coffee table as easy and chic as possible:
1) Place the baskets on either side of the coffee table. This allows you plenty of storage, especially if there are many volumes in each book. It’s also great because it creates symmetry. You don’t have to worry about what looks good next- just put some pretty flowers in front or behind each basket and you’re set!
2) Use organics instead of traditional materials like glassware and porcelain for this project- they look so natural together! If using porcelain, line every surface with a paper towel before putting the tile down so that no water gets onto the granite underneath.
3) Add candles by first lighting one then placing it between two baskets filled with towels for EVEN MORE dramatic impact (plus importantly – less glare).

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