Decorative tray ideas for ottoman:

Make use of your ottoman for more than just a seat and a footrest. Dining, entertaining, and serving finger foods are all possibilities. It’s common to use a living room ottoman as a footrest, a casual dinner table, or a place to keep your remotes safe and secure. However, by transforming this functional piece of furniture into a chic design element, you can make it appear much more appealing. If you place a decorative tray on your ottoman, you can use it as a coffee table with relative ease.

We have a collection of ottoman trays for home decor to make entertaining a breeze! Make a small one for your ottoman and leave it there for the sake of putting it to another use later, or just take it out when you need it. All of your options are available to you in this collection, which you can find by clicking here.

How to Choose the Appropriate Ottoman?

There are a plethora of ottomans to choose from in the marketplace. While you’re out shopping for one, think about the perfect style that will complement your room design. Make a decision on the best shape, material, and customization options. You can choose between a large, medium, or small ottoman in a square, round, or rectangular shape, depending on the size of your room. Consider ottomans that can be used as storage for throws, DVDs, sofa bed linens, and other items that you want to keep out of sight from guests. Choose an ottoman in a long-lasting fabric or leather that complements or contrasts with the formal, modern, or casual style of the rest of the room. Prior to comparing prices and reading reviews online, take your time and inspect the product in person to ensure it is of high quality.

Tips to choose perfect ottoman tray:

  1. Using the ottoman’s size and shape to add depth and dimension to a space is a good idea. For example, a round ottoman can be used in conjunction with a sectional sofa, while a rectangular ottoman can be used in conjunction with a love seat and two accent chairs.

2. Choose a colour that represents a significant portion of the room’s colour palette, or experiment with a neutral that can be paired with any colour.

3. Add a whimsical pattern, texture, or detail, such as tufting, fringe, or welting, to dress it up even further.

4. Purchase a larger ottoman than you would ordinarily select. It will be both fashionable and functional, and it will serve as the focal point of the living room.

5. The top of an ottoman should be at the same height as the seats of your sofa and chairs unless otherwise specified.

6. Maintain a relatively flat surface on the ottoman so that your tray does not tip over and spill your drink.

7. An ottoman with a padded seat is ideal for families with children. No one will be hurt if they accidentally bump into the edge of the ottoman.

8. Shiny high gloss lacquer trays add a touch of sophistication to your space.

Ottoman Trays

Look for the right tray that corresponds to the size and shape of your ottoman. Once you’ve determined the dimensions, decide which type of tray material you prefer. Wood trays work well to keep things such as remotes and magazines organized.

Natural materials give the room an organic feel. Rattan, abaca, seagrass, and hyacinth trays are not really great for drinks or candles. The open weave can absorb liquids and drip them onto your ottoman.

Trays with a lacquered finish add a sophisticated appeal and versatility. The hard glossy coating protects from spills, and it is much easier to clean up. Lacquer is a bit pricier than natural materials, but it will hold up for years.

Choose a tray with handles, making it easy to move when you’re cleaning or using it for a special occasion as a serving tray. Most have handles cut out from the sides or feature attached handles. Pick a tray with sides at least two inches in height to keep items in place.

Tips for decor:

You can also use a tray to contain items like books, smartphones, playing cards, and a journal. Plus, it’s a great place to display your personal objects.

Buy a tray that mirrors the shape of the ottoman. For example, use a round tray on a round ottoman.

Instead of spending a lot on an oversize tray, purchase several smaller tones that can give the illusion of a large one.

It’s probably a good idea to get one with handles for practical uses.

Choose a natural hue, complementary colour, or fun pattern.

Styling tips:

Add different heights to draw the eye up for an interesting visual.

Create a colour palette with at least three complementary colours on the tray.

Add small objects, such as decorative boxes, vases, or exotic accessories, on top of books.

Don’t forget to use a variety of textures to blend with the room’s decor.

Use unique objects on the tray from your travels, antique items, or eclectic accessories that can start a conversation among guests.

If you love collecting shells, cameos, buttons, or crystals, it’s a great way to style the tray. Organize these collections in decorative containers.

What can I put on my ottoman tray to make it more functional?

Ottoman trays for home decor are a unique way to bring a new level of sophistication to your living room. It’s possible to fit a wide variety of items on your ottoman tray, from your morning coffee mug and newspaper to your laptop computer for work, daily journal, and cell phone. A glossy finish on the tray is preferable because it is easier to wipe down and clean than a matte finish. You should also look for a model that includes integrated handles. If you want to put your feet up or use the cushion as an extra seat for a guest, you can easily remove the tray from your ottoman using this design feature.

Focal point for living room:

Make your ottoman tray a focal point of your living room by styling it in a modern or traditional style. In order to create visual interest when adding books to the tray, choose three or five and arrange them from largest to smallest in a stack from highest to lowest.

Combine smaller accessories such as mason jars, miniature picture frames, or fancy calligraphic pens with larger items such as house plants or hardback travel books to create an eclectic look. By varying the size, material, and shape of the elements on your tray, you can create an aesthetic that is diverse, stimulating, and visually appealing.

What should the shape of a decorative ottoman tray look like?

The ottoman tray should be either square or rectangular in shape. These two ottoman tray designs for home decor provide a larger display surface as well as increased functionality. Trays in the shape of ovals or circles are fashionable, but they hold fewer items.

A square or rectangular shape also makes it easier to use the four-quadrant rule to arrange items on a shelf or table. To accomplish this, divide the tray into four equal quadrants and arrange a natural, practical, scented, and structural item in each quadrant to create a unified appearance.

If your ottoman is round, on the other hand, you might want to think about using a round tray instead. Because a round or oval tray can accommodate fewer items, keep it uncluttered by placing a stylish candle holder in the centre.

Is it possible to have three ottomans in a living room?

Absolutely! Using three different ottoman trays for home decor is a great way to make your living room truly one-of-a-kind by incorporating them into the design.

For example, instead of adding more chairs to your living room, it would be more practical to place three identical ones next to your coffee table. This will result in a stylish but more casual atmosphere, as 3 backrests will prevent a busier or cluttered atmosphere from being created.

It is true that having three separate ottomans is a clever space-saving strategy, especially in smaller living rooms!

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